The difficulty with Family History is how to put it together so that it is interesting and user-friendly. Considering that it has a very limited audience and needs to have a bit of a point, not just a collection of random stories, I was in a bit of a dilemma.

I considered these issues and decided that the best way for me to present my collection was through a website. I laboured for days over how I was going to put it together. Then I decided it needed a focus. ‘Coming to Australia’ seemed to give me direction. I would tell the stories of how, when and why our (John’s and mine) ancestors arrived here. So that is where I would begin.

It seemed logical to focus on the four individuals that got this started, my parents and John’s parents. That gave me the skeleton and I will just fill in the blanks.

The next major issue was to get some stories up there. Oh yes of course there was the small issue learning how to create a website. I am learning as I go.

OK now I have something on the site I will begin my blog. Again what is the point? I hope to share what I have discovered and hope that family members will give feedback and suggestions.

I think it is also important to personalise so let me introduce you to my family…

PS Most important- My Ancestry page is available to view. If you see any errors don’t hesitate to contact me and I will happily correct them.

Anyone interested in our Norwegian connections please check out Gail Bryant’s blog and Faceook page on “Our Norwegian Family”.

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