The TagneyHood

Welcome to the TagneyHood, a family neighbourhood and a work in progress.

Right: Debra Tagney and John Hood

This website will focus on those in our family who arrived in Australia and built lives for themselves. Where I can, I will tell the background story and as much of their lives as I have discovered.

Just an observation but it seems grandparents may have more influence over their grandchildren than we might give them credit for.


While our parents were each born in Australia our ancestry is English, Scottish, Irish and Norwegian and I will focus on each of the four families and attempt to tell their stories.

The families are The Tagneys, The Tullys, The Hoods and The McAllisters.

My parents Tom Tagney and Gladys Tully

Above: Jack Tagney, Tom Tagney (groom) Gladys Tully (bride) Jim Tully (father of the bride), Suzanne Tully (sister). Cairns 1952.

John’s parents, Laurence Hood and Joy McAllister

Laurie Hood and Joy McAllister. Brisbane 1949.

Both couples were married not long after the end of WW2. Australia’s population was 8.2 million and jobs were readily available. The dream of homeownership was becoming achievable with the introduction of the Housing Commission. From Cairns in the north to Brisbane in the south there was a feeling of optimism.

Below are the four Family tree charts that depict the families of mine and John’s parents. The only individual still alive on these trees is Laurie. He is now (2021) 98 years old and is a remarkable human being. He has given me permission to tell his story. Those highlighted in blue arrived in Austalia, those higlighted in yellow were born here. In the case of the Tully family and the McAllister family I will need to go back one more generation to tell the story of the first in the family to arrive.

The Tagneys

The Tullys

The Hoods

The McAllisters


I will focus on the ancestor in each family who first made their way to Australia. From there I will build the story of the families and their circumstances. The surname will link (eventually) to that family’s story.