Family Group Records Tagneys+

Generations in relation to me.

The Following are organised as Family Group Records working backwards from the generation before me. I hope to add FGR for my aunts and uncles here too eventually.

Generation levelCoupleMarriage Date
Parent Tom & Gladys Tagney1952
GrandparentDan & Annie Tagney1927
G GrandparentDan & Bridget Tagney1889
G GrandparentDan & Sarah McMullan1887
GG GrandparentDan & Ann Bowes Tagney1860
GG GrandparentsJohn & Mary Welch1863
GGG GrandparentsWilliam & Bridget Connelly1836?



Great Grandparents (Dan’s parents)

Great Grandparents (Annie’s parents)

Great Great Grandparents (Dan’s Paternal Grandparents)

Great Great Grandparents (Dan’s Maternal Grandparents)

3x Great Grandparents

And one more generation back…and a very important explanation. The following very sketchy Family Group Record shows Mary and Jane Connelly who were sisters. Mary is Dan’s Grandmother and Jane his Great Aunt. It was Jane who sponsored Grandad to come to Australia in 1914. I imagine that his grandmother took great interest in her grandson’s prospects and encouraged her sister to support Dan. He arrived in Townsville and lived with Jane and her family in North Ward for a number of years.