1838 Margaret & Alchin Family arrive

Ambrosine and Anne

Shipping records show that Ambrose Alchine, a gardener and tree cutter, of Kent, arrived in Australia as an immigrant on the Ship ‘Palmyra’, on 26th September 1838. He was accompanied by his wife and seven children. He was 34 years old and his wife 36. Their religion was Baptist. He was engaged by Mr Manning of Sydney who agreed to pay him wages of £30/- per year with rations (food and accommodation).

Shipping record
183826 SepPalmyra or PalmiraReel 2654, [4/4780]
Information from Family Search

Ambrose and Anne were born in Linton, Kent, in 1800 and 1798 respectively. They married in Boughton, Kent 15th July 1821.

Once in the colony they would have been set to work by Mr Manning of Sydney. By the 1850s they had moved to the Oolong District.

According to the Gunning and District Historical Society, ‘Land on Oolong Creek was first made available for sale by auction in 1851. The location of land in these years was always described according to creeks, e.g. near Blackney Creek, at Jerrawa Creek, near the head of Oolong Creek.

Ambrose Alchin (1800-1877) and his sons John Alchin (1821-1901), William James Alchin (1827-1918) and Charles Alchin (1837-1908) were active in land transactions from the 1850s and 1860s at Oolong Creek. Dalton and Oolong Creek were the “seats” of the Alchin family in the district well into the later part of the nineteenth century and into the years following Federation.’

Just a year after arriving in the colony, Alchin’s eldest daughter, Margaret married John Haynes on the 24th December 1839, in the District of Sydney. If I have the right John Haynes, he was 36 and she was 16. This does seem a little odd but it is possible.

1839 John and Margaret Haynes