Hood Brothers of Welingrove

William Pearce Hood (1868-1919)

William Abraham/Pearce Hood was born in NSW. He was the younger brother of Robert James Hood. I believe the brothers moved to Queensland in 1889. Their uncle William Charles Maund who married Sophie Ezzy had moved to North Queensland around 1871.

He married Isabella Spence in Bamford Queensland 6th April 1905.

They had two children – May Isabella McDonald Hood and her brother Raben James Hood. I cannot find the birth certificate of May Isabella whose information on Ancestry was that she was born in Bamford Queensland in 1906. Bamford is a village south west of Tolga in Queensland the population of which varied between 100 and 200. Their son was born the folowing year.

The Hood brothers would have learned about mining from their father and his colleagues who had mining leases in the area around Glen Innes.

The image below is of a settler’s cottage about 1870. Life would have been difficult.

The children would have been just teenagers when their father died and I wonder how Isabella survived.

I cannot find Raben James’ death certificate or a marriage certificate but I have found May’s marriage certificate.

With a name incorporating Isabella McDonald it is most likely this is the granddaughter of Isabella McDonald Maund and first cousin to Laurie Hood – John’s father. May married Frederick Martin in Townsville. They had two children – Crystal and Joyce but I can’t find certificates although Ancestry info says Joyce was born in Townsville 8th February 1930.

The maps below are to give an idea of the area where

The first map shows the location of Bamford and its relationship to Mareeba and the second shows Bamford, Einasleigh and Georgetown. William died of Pneumonia at the Einasleigh hospital and was buried at the Einasleigh cemetery. His brother Robert James was the informant. Was his wife present? Robert James (Bob?) would have given the details for the Death Certificate. He may not have know exactly how old the children were. They may have been twins. Robert was married in 1903 and his brother William in 1905.

Questions: William and his brother Robert James came from northern NSW. Why did they travel north? What role does