Tagney family

The table below lists the generations of my father’s family (Thomas Tagney). Those listed in green were born here, and those in red migrated to Australia. Those listed in white remained in the United Kingdom.

Initially my focus for this website is to concentrate on who were the first ancestors to come to Australia, why and when. As I gather more stories I will add them under their birthnames.

Dan arrived in 1913 and Annie arrived 1924. Each have a story.

Daniel John Joseph Tagney

Annie Winifred McMullan

Dan and Annie 1927

Dan and Annie came to Australia at the beginning of the 20th Century, Dan from London, England and Annie from County Antrim, Ireland. Things were changing. People were on the move. Each of these individuals had very different reasons for leaving their homeland, their family, their friends and the lives that they had made for themselves.

Dan Tagney and Annie Winifred McMullan Townsville Qld 1927
Dan and Annie about 1970