Hi I’m Deb

Welcome to the TagneyHood. A very special neighbourhood of related people and their stories. The purpose of this website is to tell stories.

The first tales I want to share are those of our intrepid ancestors journeying to Australia. It is quite incomprehensible the risk these people took. What incredible courage or was it ignorance or was the alternative just so awful?  The government of the time definitely decided who would come to Australia and the circumstances under which they would come. Not all of our stories are great!

I’m Debra (Tagney) Hood- a time traveller, one who is convinced that each and everyone of us have a story to tell….a wonderful story filled with love, conviction, hopes and drama.

A short bio- well I was born in 1953 in Cairns. I went to school in Ingham. I became a teacher. I married John Hood, had two amazing daughters and now am a grandmother to five spectacularly amazing granddaughters!!!

In 2013 I became a retiree, relocated from the forest to the river and have loads more time for the other things I am interested in. I enjoy cycling, socialising (coffee and wine) and being a mother to adult children and a grandmother to my darling granddaughters.

I spend a significant amount of time travelling with my wonderful husband or planning for the travels we do together. I keep a blog at Of course COVID has put a big hole in our travels for the past two years but we managed to do some get-aways ‘locally’. Really looking forward to our next sojourn.

John and I on Paros, Greece at the beginning of our family Odyssesy 1992.

My purpose

  • to honour those past by telling their stories
  • to enlist others to tell their stories too
  • to get in touch with as many family members as possible

I don’t know the source but I thought the sentiment pretty true.

Genealogy – ‘The art of confusing the dead and irritating the living.’

I thoroughly enjoy soaking up my time researching family history. The bulk of our ancestors are from the UK, Australia, and a smattering from Norway. I am inspired by what motivated these bold families and individuals to take on such an amazing adventure coming thousands of miles across the sea to make totally different lives for themselves. I am keen to share their stories.

I am hoping that I can share and inspire other family members to contribute to the amazing stories that make us who we are.

 I began this journey many years ago when sitting and chatting at different times, with both my maternal grandmother, Gladys (Glover) Tully who lived in Cairns and my paternal grandmother, Annie (McMullan) Tagney, who lived in Ingham. They were amazing women with wonderful stories. I am very keen to share.

Because I married John Hood, and we have children and grandchildren, I am going to share stories of the Hood side of the family too. So, this site could become gargantuan!

Currently we live on the Sunshine Coast Queensland.

Contact me at