Scotland’s Hoods

Robert Hood (1803-1874) Anne Rayburn (1801-1833)

A little bit of background. It is my aim to follow the family back to when they arrived in Australia and describe if possible the ‘push’ and ‘pull’ factors that led to the decision to leave Scotland and migrate to Australia. I will begin with John’s 2x Great grandparents- Robert Hood and Anne Reyburn.

Robert and Anne were married in 1822 in Kilmarnock. According to Wikipedia (?) Robert was a colliery foreman who later became a manager.

On the back of this phot it says W R Hood’s great uncle. Is it possible that it is Robert Hood? The photographer was A McGregor of 46 King Street Kilmarnock.

From my research I believe Robert married three times and had six children to his first wife, Anne Reyburn however no other children to the other wives. He died in Kilmarnock at the age of 71.

Archibald Hood (1823-1902)

His eldest son, Archibald, worked in the mines from the age of thirteen and later when his father could afford his education went on to study and qualified as a mining engineer. Archibald went on to become a major industrialist and coal mine owner moving from Kilmarnnock to Edinbrugh and then to Wales where there is a statue of him at Llwynypia.

William Rayburn Hood (1826-1890)

According to tales in the family William was a remittance man and possibly came to Australia at his brother’s behest. In British history, a remittance man was an emigrant, often from Britain to a British colony, supported by regular payments from home on the expectation that he stay away. I cannot find his passage to Australia and do not know when he arrived or his port of entry. He was forty when he married in October of 1866 and listed his place of abode as Inverell NSW. This was an area which had attracted settlers from Scotland and by 1866 small selectors were making their claims and establishing wheat farming.

William Hood (1826-1890)

William (1823-1902), John’s Great grandfather.

I have yet to discover when William Rayburn Hood arrived in Australia. According to the 1851 Scotland Census a William Hood, was living in Kilbride, near Glasgow. He is listed as annuitant – a person who receives an annuity. Did his brother pay? Archibald was very successful. My guess is that he arrived in Australia most probably at Sydney between 1855 and 1865. He was married in 1866.

William was a miner and undertook a number of ventures with the Maund brothers. The Maunds ran a store at Wellingrove and in October of 1868 it was robbed by the bushranger, Captain Thunderbolt. James Earl Maund wrote to the newspaper and told of the adventure.

Isabella and William had two sons, unfortunately she died in childbirth in 1870. She was just 33 years old. The story in the family was that James Earl Maund, the boys uncle raised them as his own. He married Agnes Hamilton in 1865 and they had ten children. Pearce Maund was born the same year as his cousin Robert.

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