Short bio!

Well I was born in 1953 in Cairns. I went to school in Ingham. I became a teacher. I married and had two amazing daughters and now am a grandmother to five spectacularly amazing granddaughters!!!

The purpose of this blog is to tell tales.

I am hoping that I can share and inspire other family members to contribute to the amazing stories that make us who we are.

 I began this journey many years ago when sitting and chatting with both my maternal grandmother, Gladys (Glover) Tully and my paternal grandmother, Annie (McMullan) Tagney. They were amazing women with wonderful stories. I am very keen to share.

Because I married John Hood, and I have children and grandchildren, I am also keen to share stories of their paternal grandparents. So, this blog could become gargantuan!

Currently I live on the Sunshine Coast Queensland.

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